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Shipping Policy

How much is shipping?
US Domestic Shipping is flat rate $6.95 and shipping is free for orders $50 or more.

How fast do we ship?
We typically ship your order within about 24-36 hours of receipt (excluding weekends).  When you place your order you should receive an email that says IN PROCESS which means our site has recorded your order and it is in queue to be filled.  Once your order is filled you should receive an email with shipping information and another email labeled COMPLETED.  If you do not receive any emails from us, please check your SPAM and Junk Email folders.  You may also log into your account at any time and view your order status by going to your Order History and searching by date range.   

Priority Mail Shipments
We offer these options as a courtesy to customers who are willing to pay a little more for somewhat guaranteed delivery times.  We say "somewhat" because the US Postal Service does not guarantee delivery times on Priority Mail Shipments.  Paying for one of these shipping methods does not "rush" your order to the Post Office any faster, we process orders in the order we receive them and it may still be 24-36 hours before your product ships (usually much less than 24 hours).  Well over 99% of the time the USPS gets it right and your package arrives on time and sometimes early.  There are a very small percentage that may get routed wrong by the USPS and has to be corrected, resulting in a delay of a few days. If you have a complaint regarding the amount of time the US Postal Service took to deliver your package, please contact the US Postal Service.  We DO NOT refund Priority shipping costs.

Express Mail and Overnight Shipments
We have discontinued offering these more expensive shipping methods because we have too many issues with people ordering this shipping method thinking they will have their order the next morning.  Since we have to custom pack EVERY order that comes in, we cannot guarantee your order will make it to the post office before the daily cut-off for Express Mail shipments.  Many customers also think this gets their order out faster but it does not (see Rush Orders, below).  It's simply a bigger problem than it helps and unfortunately leaves us in a bad position with our customers even though we do everything we can to make sure they are informed.  We hope you understand our policy on this issue.

Lost Orders or Mis-routed Orders
We often have cases where the Postal Service mis-routes packages and they apply erroneous error codes to the tracking information such as this one:

This is a problem with the US Postal Service The Postal Service will sometimes sort packages incorrectly resulting it the package being sent to the wrong facility and it must be forwarded on to the correct destination.  Unfortunately this may cause a delay in receiving your package that we cannot control.  We are unsure why the Postal Service does this as it only adds confusion for the customer and we have complained to no avail.  You may call your local Post Master to complain, if you wish.

We are fully automated for shipping information from the time you enter your shipping address to the time we print the shipping label so we can assure you that your shipping information gets printed on the shipping label just as you entered it.  For packages of this size the US Postal Service is usually the least expensive way to ship.  We would be happy to change our standard shipping to UPS or FedEx but the vast majority of customers do not wish to pay more for a better delivery service.  

Our responsibility with shipping is to get your order to the courier.  In some rare cases the US Postal Service and other couriers may lose your package or more likely, deliver it to the wrong address.  We cannot be held responsible for a lost shipment once it reaches the courier and during holiday periods of heavy shipping, couriers often misplace or make mistakes delivering packages that take time to for them to correct.  If your shipment tracking shows delivered and you did not receive it, you must check with the courier.  In all cases it's usually best to check with the person that made the delivery because they almost always remember exactly where they left the package if you can describe it.  The majority of our packages are delivered in a long narrow box that is about 3-4" square unless the order is very large.  

Order Errors
If you receive your order and you believe there to be an error, any missing items, etc, please use the Contact Us form on our website and include the details of the issue along with your order number.  We highly recommend using the Contact Us form over sending an email because email may not reach its destination for various reasons such as SPAM filtering or Internet communication issues.  If your items are damaged we may request a picture of the damage to review with our Quality Control Team, so please do not be offended as we are constantly making efforts to serve our customers better.  After receipt of your order (based on carrier tracking information) you have five days to contact us to report any issues.  After that time period has elapsed, your order is considered complete and correct.

Out of Stock Items
We have a working relationship with Brilliant Vinyl and for any item we run out of stock, they ship it directly to you at no additional cost.  It will arrive in a separate shipment.

Rush Orders
We process shipments in the order received and there is no option to rush your order.  Likewise, we are not an "emergency" shop, even for Local Pickups.  We sometimes receive complaints that customers missed a deadline because their order came a day or two later than they needed it.  We recommend keeping the items you need on-hand and not to commit to a deadline if you do not have everything you need--it's simply bad business to commit to deadlines without having what you need.  If there is a delay in receiving your order for any reason, we are not responsible for missed deadlines due to improper planning on your part.  

Shipping Costs for Small Orders
We sometimes receive requests to ship one or two sheets and not charge as much for shipping because customers feel they should be able to order a small amount and not pay as much shipping as if they ordered 20 sheets.  The size of the sheets and the need for some moderate protection dictates that it be shipped in a box the same size as 20 sheets so we have to charge a minimum shipping fee for small orders. We have costs associated with the shipping materials as well as the labor to process the order which costs the same whether you order 1 sheet or 20 sheets. The best option that most people take advantage of is to order more than $50 and there is no shipping fee.

Shipping to Canada - 2/1/2017
We have had many requests for shipping to Canada and so far we have not done so due to the shipping costs simply being prohibitive. We have had some customers say "We'll pay it" so we've decided to temporarily enable shipping to Canada for a couple weeks to see how it goes.

The rates on our website are REAL TIME shipping rates and we do not profit from the shipping so when you see the shipping rate, please refrain from posting in other groups how much our shipping to Canada costs--we do not control these rates. There are Surcharges applied between the USPS and Canadian Postal service and other factors involved and we are not large enough to negotiate a flat rate based on volume, yet.

Please keep in mind that while the USPS Published Rate says "6-10 Days" we have no control over how long it may really take--this is an unknown for us, so we're looking for feedback. Please submit any feedback using the CONTACT US form on our website.

Why don't you ship to my country?
651VINYL.COM currently ships to the United States and Canada.  We find that shipping outside the United States is simply cost prohibitive.