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651Vinyl Adds Two New Craft Tools to Product Line

651Vinyl Adds Two New Craft Tools to Product Line

Date: May 23, 2019

651 vinyl.com is thrilled to add two new craft tools to their product line!

The 651 vinyl Tool Holder is a small and upright tool holder that is stored right on the tabletop of your craft space. The pattern inside the tool holder is silicone, so it holds your tools upright securely without scratching or damaging the tools. The pattern is not completely connected throughout the whole holder, which allows you to separate the silicone and store most small tools like squeegees, jewelry pliers, Pin Pens, Stab N Grab Tweezers, scissors, and more. The silicone pattern comes in two color options: red or mint. The sides of the tool holder are white, and perfect for adhesive vinyl decor to match your craft space!

The Ring Ring Tool is a metal ring that can be worn on any finger. It has four slots in it to leverage jump rings without a second pair of jewelry pliers. The various sized slots allow you to use jump rings of almost any size with it. The Ring Ring Tool comes in one size, which measures a women’s ring size seven. One size fits all works for the Ring Ring tool because it doesn’t need to go below the knuckle. To use the Ring Ring Tool, find a comfortable position on your hand for it. Then grab a jump ring on one side of the break in the jump ring with the jewelry pliers and insert the other side of the break into one of the Ring Ring slots. Then hold the jump ring steady with the Ring Ring, and open the jump ring using the jewelry pliers. Once the jump ring is open, add the acrylic blank or jewelry to the jump ring, and then stabilize the jump ring back in a slot of the Ring Ring Tool, and close the jump ring with the jewelry pliers.

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