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We will be doing website maintenance tonight around 9PM Eastern Time on 8/11/2020. We do not anticipate if there's an outage it will be for more than a few minutes, but if the site is offline for a few minutes around that time, your patience is appreciated. --Troy Young, CEO

This is the site soon to be known as 143VINYL™

We will be changing our name soon and re-branding our company.   Why 143?  Click here to read the details on why we chose 143.

You can read the complete and accurate information for this change here.


Please Note: Recommended pressing temperature is 275-285° F.  We have successfully pressed at 305° with no issues but you could melt the inner liner if pressed too hot or doing multiple presses without allowing it to cool between presses.


Easter Basket - Chevron
Easter Basket - Plain Green
Easter Basket - Plain Mint
Easter Basket - Plain Pink
Easter Basket - Plain Purple
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