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We will be doing website maintenance tonight around 9PM Eastern Time on 8/11/2020. We do not anticipate if there's an outage it will be for more than a few minutes, but if the site is offline for a few minutes around that time, your patience is appreciated. --Troy Young, CEO

This is the site soon to be known as 143VINYL™

We will be changing our name soon and re-branding our company.   Why 143?  Click here to read the details on why we chose 143.

You can read the complete and accurate information for this change here.


Here you can view our FREE online class offerings and schedule for Cricut Design Space, Inkscape, Vinyl, Heat Transfer Vinyl, and more. I do these classes to help the crafting community and to share knowledge and experience.

You can also view my pre-precorded classes and videos on my YouTube channel, TroyTube. Videos on my YouTube channel are categorized by Playlist for the topic to which they pertain.  I offer many videos and classes for Cricut Design Space, Inkscape, Adhesive Vinyl, Heat Transfer Vinyl, Computers, and more.


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