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COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Policy - Last Updated 3:00PM 3/25/2020

Updated 3/25/2020

Governor Beshear initially announced yesterday that non-essential businesses that allowed in-person traffic would be ordered to close, similar to Monday’s order for retail businesses that allowed in-person traffic.  However, the order issued today was worded drastically differently than he presented yesterday and we must close our business at 8PM Eastern Time Thursday.  

How long will it be before you ship orders again after 8PM Thursday?
We simply do not know.  That will be up to Governor Beshear to decide.

Will our website be accepting orders so we can help support your business and employees?
Yes, however, we will cease shipping orders until we are permitted to return to work.  At this time, we are unsure how long that will be.  We are hoping no more than 1-2 weeks but it is uncertain at this point.  When we return to work, we expect to have thousands of orders to ship and it make take quite some time to catch up and be back under our normal 24-hour shipping policy.  

If you are going to place an order soon, we would advise doing so.  When we return to shipping orders will go out in the order received, so the sooner you order, the quicker your order will go out when we return to work.  

If I order will it ship before you close?  
The sooner you order, the more likely it will ship by 8PM on Thursday 3/26/2020.  

What if I order today and my order does not ship? 
Your order will be among the first to ship when we return to work, whenever that may be.

What happens to your employees?
As announced yesterday, our company is committed to paying employees up to two weeks of regular pay during the shutdown.  The employees who will continue to work to maintain minimal operations under the order will continue to receive the temporary pay increase we have instituted for the duration of the shutdown.

Add-on Orders
Until further notice we will not be able to combine orders for add-ons.

Customer Service Hours 
Our customer service team will be available via chat, email, and phone at the hours listed below.  As we are working remotely, chat and email is our preferred method of contact if at all possible.

Monday - Friday: 9AM - 8PM
Saturday/Sunday: 9PM - 5PM

Updated 3/24/2020

Voluntary Leave of Absences
Effective immediately, if any employee chooses to stay home from work due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, they may do so without affecting attendance policy.  During this time our company will ensure their benefits such as health insurance remain intact. We have asked employees to work with our Human Resources department to discuss taking a leave of absence if they wish to do so.

For employees who choose work
We are furthering our temporary pay increases for employees who choose to continue to work during the crisis.  All employees will receive a total pay increase of $2/hour and Second Shift employees will receive an additional increase of $0.50/hour for a total of $2.50/hour to work during the crisis.

What happens if we are ordered to close?
Should our business be ordered to close, our company will pay payroll and benefits for up to two weeks.  After the first two weeks of a closure the company will work to file and follow the Mass Claim procedure for unemployment benefits which has been established to accelerate the process and confirm eligibility for employees to make the process as easy as possible for all employees.

Social Distancing and Hygiene Reminder for Employees
We have reminded employees while on breaks and lunches they should avoid leaving the premises if at all possible and spread out throughout the warehouse.  Just as we have taken action to distance employees from one another by reducing the overall number of people in the building at any given time, we ask employees to be responsible and not congregate closely together and do not to sit in their cars together, as well as practice recommend hygiene procedures.

Updated 3/22/2020

We have received a few messages inquiring as to whether we are still shipping orders because today the Governor of Kentucky announced that non-essential retail businesses must close by 8PM Monday. This includes retail businesses that allow in-person public traffic and excludes grocery, pharmacy, gas stations, and liquor stores. We are currently closed to local pickups and do not fit this description and are currently under normal operations and shipping, with exception to the changes/updates listed below. 

Updated 3/18/2020

Free Shipping Orders

Our normal shipping policy is to offer free shipping for orders over $50.  We understand many people are either not working or working with reduced incomes, or even trying to reserve spending in case situations become more restrictive.  To help alleviate this pressure and to allow everyone to continue their hobbies and activities, we are temporarily reducing our free shipping threshold to orders over $35.  

Hiring Freeze

We are suspending hiring any new employees to eliminate anyone coming in from the outside.  Many of the available workers currently come from restaurants, bars, and other companies with a lot of public interaction so we have decided to halt hiring for the time being.

Fever/Temperature Checks

As many factories and warehouses have done, we are asking employees to monitor their temperature to ensure they are not running a fever.  If they have a temperature of 101 degrees or above, we ask that they do not come to work and stay home and monitor their symptoms while keeping their manager and Human Resources informed.  We also have thermometers in the facility if anyone feels ill or shows any other symptoms. 

Work from Home Policy 

We are actively preparing to disperse several employees to work from home whose position can be done remotely.  Some positions will be working from home for the duration of the crisis with minimal visits to the office or none at all.  Other positions where multiple people do essentially the same functions will be on a rotating schedule. This will reduce the number of people in our facility at any given time. We also have a few teenage employees that have been deemed non-essential and temporarily informed to stay home to further reduce personnel in the building.

Skeleton Crews

As our work is done each day and facilities are cleaned, if we reach points where there is little work to do, we are implementing a system to allow employees to leave early if they desire and operate on necessary skeleton crews.

Reallocation of Some Positions

Some positions may be temporary reassigned to new duties while we are under alternate operating procedures.  We also may temporarily relocate a few positions to another building to further reduce the number of people in our main location at any given time.

Split Shifts

We normally operate two shifts that overlap by 4 hours.  We are going to implement a true separation of shifts starting this Sunday, March 22, 2020 to reduce the number of people in our building at any given time.  Both shifts will be here for 8 hours and be paid for 8 full hours which includes a 30 minute paid lunch break. We highly recommend everyone bring their lunch and not leave the property and go out into public during working hours. Most positions normally work a 9-hour schedule with an hour non-paid lunch break.  This will reduce personnel hours in the building by more than 100 hours per week.

Temporary Pay Increases

All hourly employees working will receive an additional $1/hour during the time we are under alternate operating procedures.  All hourly employees working the second shift will receive an additional $0.50/hour to encourage voluntarily and temporarily work the second shift.  

Cleaning Procedures

Our management team has implemented and continues to implement cleaning procedures that will constantly be adhered to throughout the facility.  In addition, we are having a cleaning company clean and disinfect the bathrooms twice daily as well as the customer service and break area where multiple employees frequently visit throughout the work day.

Local Pickups and Walk-ins

We have closed our facility to local pickups and walk-in customers for the protection of our employees and customers.  Local customers may choose “Local Pickup” at checkout and their order will be shipped to them at no charge.


We have established personal hygiene guidelines employees are reminded to follow and are providing gloves and masks to the best of our ability.  These supplies are extremely limited so we are doing our best to continue to provide them. While masks are not as effective to prevent you from contracting a virus, they do help contain the spreading of bacteria and viruses if you are wearing one when you sneeze or cough.  

Case by Case Situations

We have encouraged employees that have individual situations that could affect their decision to work such as caring for an elderly person or someone with a compromised immune system, to meet with Human Resources to discuss their individual situation.  


As we may have some individuals with extenuating circumstances that could reduce our workforce, there could be overtime opportunities available.  Employees who want to take advantage of this opportunity are encouraged to notify their managers and Human Resources.

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