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The Crafter's Tool Bundle

The Crafter's Tool Bundle
Weight 1.00 lbs
Our price: $25.00
Pin Pen Color
Tweezers Color
Squeegee Color
Contoured Handheld Cutter

The Crafter's Tool Bundle 

This tool bundle includes a squeegee, handheld cutter, Stab-n-Grab Tweezers, and Pin Pen™. 

4" Squeegee

This squeegee is perfect for applying vinyl to smooth or curved and contoured surfaces! Choose one of our six colored squeegees to add to your tool collection. This squeegee is made out of pliable plastic so it flexes with the surface to which you are applying vinyl!

  • Measurements: 4 inches wide x 3 inches long
  • Material: Pliable plastic

Contoured Hand Held Cutter

This hand-held cutting tool is great for vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, paper, cardstock and more. The handheld cutter is a good replacement for scissors and allows for more control over what you are cutting.

This cutter uses our X-acto style blades. You can buy replacement blades HERE.

Stab-n-Grab Tweezers

These Stab-n-Grab Tweezers are perfect for weeding because of their ultra-fine tip that makes it easy to grab small pieces of vinyl. These fine-point tweezers are the ultimate weeding tool!These tweezers come imprinted with the 651Vinyl logo and are available in 6 different colors!

  • Measurements: 4.75 inches long
  • Material: Hardened steel

The Pin Pen™ Weeding Tool 

The Pin Pen™ is a game-changer for weeding vinyl, HTV, and other materials. The contoured pen housing holds a special replacement cartridge with a needle-sharp pinpoint that allows you to stab and grab and remove even the tiniest pieces of vinyl. The Pin Pen™ is designed for comfort with a matte finished grip and also features a pocket clip to help prevent the pen from rolling away and getting lost.

The Pin Pen™ features a sharp point that may stick out a little further from the edge of the pen even retracted due to varying needle lengths.  We recommend storing the Pin Pen™ in it's provided sleeve when not in use to protect the tip.

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