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These reviews are direct copy/pastes from Facebook posts, messages and email we receive.  You can also read reviews on your Facebook Business Page.


Just wanted to say what an amazing customer service (or ALL around service) experience I had with you guys! Ordered Monday night and received Thursday afternoon! There was a small defect on a few sheets, sent email and pics and within minutes the sheets were replaced and on their way to me! Just got the package(less than day and half later) now! So impressed. Not only do you have great prices and sales but amazing customer service! Troy Young thank you and your team!

First, I would like to state that I am totally impressed and appreciative of this amazing site, owner and group members. I ordered vinyl on last Friday (4/14) and received my order today (4/17). The only thing that could get better is finding a mentor who lives in the MD/VA/DC areaπŸ˜„.
Thanks again for your excellent customer service.

First, I would like to state that I am totally impressed and appreciative of this amazing site, owner and group members. I ordered vinyl on last Friday (4/14) and received my order today (4/17). The only thing that could get better is finding a mentor who lives in the MD/VA/DC area.
Thanks again for your excellent customer service.

Thanks for the super fast shipping! Ordered late Fri night and it came today, loved the candy and cute little whale sticker stapled to my invoice!! Will definitely order again..

My first time ordering and super impressed! Super fast shipping! Ordered Friday, received it today!! Wow! Amazing! Thank you Troy!! The candy was great too! My son enjoyed it

Thanks to Troy Young & staff for lightning fast service!! I placed a vinylorder just before midnight Friday night (Good Friday) and received myorder in the mail today. This kind of service during a holiday weekend is amazing! My orders are always packaged very well (& yes, the candy was included as well . Great job! I have not ordered vinyl from anywhere else except your team and this is why I keep coming back. Thanks for providing GREAT customer service as well as all the instruction & assistance that you give!

First project!!! So excited! Got my vinyl today and ordered on Friday!! Fast shipping and great quality.

Ordered again today and my entire order was shipped today!! Thank you! Thank you!

Just wanted to thank you for sending my order so quickly, I received it before Easter which was amazing! You guys are the best

Got Shipment #1 today from 651 Vinyl. I ordered Sunday online and it was in my mail today. Very fast shipping. Thanks Troy Young and all involved. Perfect condition. Got my candy also. Yahooooooo!

Just want to say thank you to Troy for all your videos and help with Inkscape. We are actually getting a group of people together in about 20 minutes to help each other with Inkscape and showing what we have learned from all your videos! If we have any questions during this time, we will post them.

Thanks again!!!

Troy rocks...he's guided my feeble mind a couple of times cause he has a big heart. I've made enough mistakes to add new shelving to his business...so to those of u who buy from 651 vinyl...you're welcome, and keep buying Troys families products!

Got my 3rd order today and I have to say I'm so impressed with your customer service! First time I received a bubble gum and the last 2 times a sticker on the packing slip ;)

Just received my first order from 651. I wish my camera would show how pretty these glitter colors really are! Thanks so much for the super fast delivery, sticker and sweet treat πŸ˜Š first of many more orders to come!!

Just received my order that I placed on Saturday evening. All I can say is that's some fast shipping!

Thanks Troy for all the great video classes.  The next time I need to order stuff you will be my source.

I just wanted to commend your excellent customer service and fast shipping! Great Job and thank you!!!!

Let me sing the praises of this group again......I ordered HTV at 3:40 yesterday afternoon.....it was just delivered to me.....less than 24 hours! Now, granted, I'm in the same area, but the service is amazing! Also, whenever I ask a question here, it is always answered quickly, even if I'm asking a dumb question that I probably should know the answer to. And as long as I'm here, check out all the learning videos at 651vinyl.com. I have learned so much in the short 2 weeks I've been working on my Cricut. I just can't say enough good things.......a big thank you to Troy and his staff.......

"I made my first purchase from 651 Vinyl. So glad you are selling vinyl. Thank you Troy! It also came 2 days early! Will always buy from you!"

"Got my first order today Troy. Thank-you for the fast service."

"I just made my 1st purchase today through www.651vinyl.com!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get it!!!!!!!!"

"I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the lightening fast service of my vinyl delivery, the process reports of delivery shipped, and arrival. I definitely a repeat customer. Ty Troy."

"Thank you! Got my shipment yesterday!!!!"

"Got my first order of vinyl today. Talk about quick!! Whoop whoop."

"Just received my first order or vinyl!!! Wooohoooo!"

HEY Troy Young!! I just place two big orders (big to me @least πŸ˜‚) and just wanted to say that your customer service was GREAT .. emailed me right after I placed my orders AND even answered my silly questions I had (about differences between colors, ec).. so THANK YOU for that, CAN'T WAIT for it to here☺☺☺

I wanted to let Troy and everyone know that I could not be more pleased with the glitter vinyl and 651 vinyl that I received from Troy today. 

Just wanted to say how fast I got my order! Ordered late on Tuesday and received it in today's mail(before noon!) I will definitely make you my go to place for my vinyl!! Love that I got emails confirming everything too! ThanksTroy Young!

Troy Young I recently placed and received my first order and I say first because it will not be the last. The customer service was fantastic. One color of vinyl was apparently back ordered from your supplier and instead of shipping it to me later it was shipped to me from "your friends at brilliant vinyl" as it was stated in the email I received telling me about the back order. It was a very nice personal touch!

Got my order today. These are the colors I need for my Granddaughters 1st Birthday Shirt!! Love them along with all 
the other colors received. So excited. Loved the "Smartie" tooπŸ˜€πŸ‘

I placed my order on October 25 and received it today! 2 days! Wow wow wow. I cannot wait to play with this beautiful htv flitter vinyl.

Ordered Sunday and got it today. Perfectly packed can't wait to use it. Thanks for the quick service.

Just wanted to say thanks for the way you handle your orders. I placed an order on Thursday. It shipped on Friday, and was in my hands on Monday! Can't ask for better service than that. I also got a nice email from Alex Campbell telling me that the pearl holographic I ordered was out of stock at both 651viny and Brilliant vinyl (who fulfills orders when you are out of stock, from my understanding) to offer me options of how I wanted to handle it...1. issue me a refund for the cost of the product, 2. substitute a different product, or 3. leave it on back order and it would be shipped as soon as it came in. I opted to leave it on back order. I just want to say how refreshing it is to be contacted with options instead of the order being shipped and the decision made for me. Thank you!!

I received my vinyl order yesterday (10/22) and I ordered it in the evening on 10/19. Talking about fast delivery....Thanks Troy!

Received my order in 2 days!! Love the fast service Troy Young! And thanks for the candy!

Just placed my first order, did it from my phone, and really liked how easy the navigation was. Looking forward to getting my order. Thank you!

Just got my order after less than 48 hours! WOW! Kids loved the candy in the package too, I gave them each a Smartie and took the rest for myself 

Just have to say how impressed I am with your business. I placed an order this weekend. I got an update letting me know that one of the patterns I had chosen was out of stock. But, instead of telling me me that it might be a week or so before it could be shipped, the email stated that you were having another company send it to me. Definitely a customer for life , thanks for all you do! Have a blessed day πŸ’›

--->That happened to me, too, and I can't express how pleased I am with the service this company offers! And, I have now received both my original order and the one shipped from the other company. :)

Received my order today, thank you!!! Enjoying my candy cane now :)

Placed my first order this week.. got the glitter vinyl pack and transfer paper... Received today! LOVE the colors and the quick shipment!!! Thanks, Troy Young!!!!

Supper excited to order vinyl from you. This is more then just a place to buy vinyl. I know if I have a question it will be answered and if I have an idea I know there is help for me to make it happen. Thank you for all your hard work.

So does anyone else be excited to see what treat u get with ur order? I'm just saying u can never get over the "what toy u get with your happy meal feeling!" Lol! Got my order today, thank you 651Vinyl Crew!!!!

Received my order today - Thanks for the lightning fast service, Troy ( and for the candy cane)!

I just got in my biggest vinyl order to date. Is there anything better than opening that box and organizing it all? πŸ˜Š LOL! Thank you Troy Young for such fast and excellent service!

Thank you for the speedy delivery of my first order. Just wish I had time this week to make something.

Wow! I ordered patterned 651 from the sale Wednesday and got it today! Thanks for the super fast shipping and awesome vinyl!

OMG I just ordered from the Black Friday Sale and already got shipping info!! How AWESOME is Troy?????

I just want to thank you for everything you do! When I contacted you about getting 651 vinyl instead of 631 - I wasn't doing it to have you send me more vinyl - but you did! (I was more worried about your inventory being messed up) 
You are the BEST place to get vinyl - your service is unbeatable and TROYTUBE is an INKSCAPE beginner's best friend. You are AWESOME Troy - and you have a customer for life!! 

Thank you for everything!

You guys are awesome!!