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Differences between 631 and 651 Vinyl

Differences between 631 and 651 Vinyl

One of the most common questions is, "What is the diffference between 631 and 651 vinyl?"  For years crafters have used the terms 631 and 651 to simply mean temporary (631) and permanent (651) vinyl.  In the 1980s, no one photocopied anything, they "Xeroxed" it so the name became the generic term and that's what has happened in the craft vinyl industry.  Although ORAFOL makes both products, most people simply know them as 631 or 651 and they use that term to generically identify the type of adhesive on their vinyl, not necessarily the brand.  Both 631 and 651 are both calendered vinyls (as opposed to cast vinyl).  Two big differences between 631 and 651 vinyl that you should pay attention to are the finish and the adhesive.  For ORACAL products, the adhesive on 631 vinyl is clear, water-based removable adhesive while 651 is clear, solvent-based permanent adhesive.  The finish on 631 vinyl is matte while 651 is glossy and also available in matte in black and white only.  

The adhesive for 631 vinyl is much better for temporary applications on surfaces such as indoor walls where you want to easily remove it at a later time.  The adhesive on 651 is better for application to outdoor surfaces or for car decals where exposure to the elements is a concern.  Don't be misled by the "permanent" aspect of the 651 vinyl, it can be removed.  The adhesive on 651 is designed to cure more like a cement so it may have to be scraped off of glass, or if on a painted surface you can apply a little heat to warm the vinyl and then use an adhesive remover like Goo-Gone or Goof-Off to remove the adhesive.  The only word of caution, if applying to the painted area of a car is that vinyl, like anything you cover paint with, has an SPF factor so it will block the sun's UV rays and while the paint around it fades over time, the area under the decal will actually be protected.  If you remove the decal the paint will typically be darker and not match the rest of the paint in the surrounding area.

Here's a list where you can compare specs.


ORACAL 631 651
Applications Short- to medium-term applications
indoors; specifically on painted
drywall surfaces
Medium-term indoor and outdoor
lettering, marking and decoration
Thickness 3 mil 2.5 mil
Durability 3 years (indoor) Up to 6 years
Adhesive Clear, water-based,
removable adhesive
Clear, solvent-based,
permanent adhesive
Colors Available in 69 matte colors and transparent Available in 60 gloss colors plus
transparent, matte white and matte black
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: *
: *
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