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Etched Red Vinyl - 12" x 24" Sheet

Etched Red Vinyl - 12" x 24" Sheet
Etched Red Vinyl
Weight 0.15 lbs
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Etched Red Adhesive Vinyl

Our colored etches are a frosted calendered film designed for window graphics and internally laminated displays. These decorative window films allow you to bring color, visual effects and graphics patterns to glass surfaces. 

Highly stabilized PVC calendered film with clear permanent acrylic adhesive.

Physical Properties:
    PVC Film Thickness (mils)    3.2
    PSA Thickness (mils)        .7 – 1.0
    Liner (weight)                78 lbs.

Resistance:  Resistance to mild alkalies and acids and to most petroleum based grease, oils and salt spray.

Service Temperature:  60F - 150F    

Heat Shrinkage:  (24 hr.)  150F .0010

Shelf Life:  1 Year stored at 73F and 50% relative humidity.

Outdoor Durability:       Up to 4 years.

Installation:  Do not layer other adhesive products on this film.  After installation, there may appear to be a haze on the window.  The condition is temporary and is caused by moisture.  It will disappear after the film dries, which could take up to 30 days.  The window film may be cleaned 30 days after installation, using a gentle washing solution and soft cloth or synthetic sponge.  The use of abrasive cleaning agents or stiff bristle brushes will scratch the surface and are not recommended.


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