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How to Install Inkscape on Windows or Mac Computers

How to Install Inkscape on Windows or Mac Computers

Always download Inkscape ONLY from it's official website at inkscape.org.  If you download from other websites you risk getting viruses or malware on your computer.  The links below are directly to the proper installation sources from their site.

Note:  This article stays updated.  If you are reading this, the article is still current.  Any changes will be updated so there is no need to ask if the article is still current or if we still recommend any particular version.  

Inkscape Version:  Inkscape version 0.92 has bugs to be worked out.  If you have installed version 0.92, please uninstall it and download version 0.91 

Attention: If you are using MacOS Catalina or above, you need a minimum of the Inkscape 1.0 beta or above

Mac-Os-X : 105-106 Dmg: HTTPS://INKSCAPE.ORG/EN/GALLERY/ITEM/4034/INKSCAPE-0.91-1-X11-10.5-I386_1.DMG

Mac-Os-X : 107-1010  Dmg: HTTPS://INKSCAPE.ORG/EN/GALLERY/ITEM/3896/INKSCAPE-0.91-1-X11-10.7-X86_64.DMG


Should I download the 32 or 64 bit version?
The 32-bit version of Inkscape will work fine on all Windows computers, both 32 and 64 bit.  As crafters go, it's highly unlikely you would see any benefit using the 64-bit version.  If you have the 64-bit version of Windows and you want to install the 64-bit version of Inkscape, you can, it's not necessary for most users.  You can find the version of Windows on your system in Control Panel / System.

After downloading it, go to your Downloads folder and double-click the file to install it.  You can accept all defaults and simple click OK or NEXT on each screen to complete the installation.

NOTE: Many times Inkscape will change the default file association for SVG files, you will know this if the icon for your SVG files turns into the Inkscape icon.  If you are used to viewing thumbnails of your SVG files, you will need to re-associate the SVG file type back to Internet Explorer.  Click here for instructions on how to do this.

Mac OS X

The basic instructions are below.  Detailed information can be found at http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/Installing_Inkscape

Preparation and running Inkscape

Note: The first launch of Inkscape can take a while because it will cache fonts installed on your system.

  1. Download and install XQuartz from xquartz.macosforge.org. Specific instructions on installing XQuartz and support are found at the XQuartz web site. Note: Inkscape runs on XQuartz. This step and the next are required.
  2. Restart the computer or log out and back in to complete the XQuartz installation.
  3. Add Inkscape to your Applications folder.
  4. Run Inkscape. A prompt will ask about the location of X11. Point to XQuartz in your Applications/Utilities directory. 
  5. Configure X11's input and pasteboard settings in X11 > Preferences

Configure settings

Configure settings

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Type the characters you see in the picture:

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