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Pin Pen™ Weeding Tool

Pin Pen™ Weeding Tool
Pin Pen™ Weeding Tool Pin Pen™ Weeding Tool with Sleeve Color Options: Blue/Silver, Lavendar, Rose Gold, Mint, and Red
Weight 0.20 lbs
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The Pin Pen™ Weeding Tool is a game changer for weeding vinyl, HTV and other materials. The contoured ink pen housing holds a special replacement cartridge with a needle sharp pin point that allows you to stab and grab the tiniest pieces of material. The Pin Pen™ is designed for comfort with a matte finished grip and the pocket clip prevents it from rolling away and getting lost in your work space. 

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Choose from Blue/Silver (Original), Lavender, and Rose Gold.

Please note: the pens are all the same size, the camera angle in the picture makes them appear different sizes.  The needle point may protrude a tiny bit from the tip of the Pin Pen even when retracted as there can be a bit of variance in the needle tip lengths.  We recommend storing the Pin Pen in it's provided sleeve when not in use to protect the tip.  

User Feedback:

-"It's AMAZING! I weeded a sugar skull in about 5 mins! Only thing I will use now"
-"Best thing EVER!!!!"
-"They are excellent. Makes weeding so much easier."
-"I had received my Pin Pen a couple days ago and today was my first chance to use it...Oh my goodness, love it!!! Thank you!"
-"What better project to try my new Pin Pen on but this one????!!! My very first mandella image and I am so happy I waited to try it until i got this wonderful tool! Gonna have to order another so I will always have a spare. :) Once they are back in stock."
-"It's the only tool I use now. I had been using either my Cricut tool or one I bought from Harbor Freight and this Pin Pen tops them for sure!"
-"I used mine for the first time last night and it was great!!! I never used the one that came with my cricut - the point was to big for fine work, so I was using some dental picks that I found. Those worked ok but the handles were very uncomfortable. The pin pen has a super fine tip and is extremely comfortable in my hand!!! I was able to get all of the details in these shirts done in record time!"

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: erica cano
    I am in LOVE with this tool! So much better then the cricut wedding tool.
  • Author: Kathy Fuller
    This is a wonderful tool. Being new I was kind of at a loss when it came to weeding...nothing seemed to work well except this tool! Thank you Troy!
  • Author: Chasity McRoberts
    I really loved my pen . But i didnt even have it a month and the tip snapped off. and for that price I will not chance buying another. made me really sad and disappointed
  • Author: Jenny Smith
    Absolutely LOVE this tool, way better than anything I've come across so far. I would like to see replacement cartridges being made available.
  • Author: Deana Smith
    Love the pen!! Works wonderfully!! Take care of your tools and they take care of you! Thanks Troy!!
  • Author: Sandy Mitchell
    I honestly don't know how I got by without this Pin Pen! Some of my designs are distressed and this little pin makes it so much easier to weed..not to mention getting into those tiny vinyl bubbles! Makes weeding easier and a lot more fun! :-)
  • Author: Cheryl Farr
    I am OBSESSED with this pen! Weeding has never been so easy...I have a huge project for 30 of my scrapbook friends and this tool has definitely saved me hours in weeding. Greatest thing since sliced bread! ;)
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