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Pin Pen™ Weeding Tool

Pin Pen™ Weeding Tool
Pin Pen™ Weeding Tool Pin Pen™ Weeding Tool with Sleeve Color Options: Blue/Silver, Lavendar, and Rose Gold
Weight 0.20 lbs
Our price: $11.99

The Pin Pen™ Weeding Tool is a game changer for weeding vinyl, HTV and other materials. The contoured ink pen housing holds a special replacement cartridge with a needle sharp pin point that allows you to stab and grab the tiniest pieces of material. The Pin Pen™ is designed for comfort with a matte finished grip and the pocket clip prevents it from rolling away and getting lost in your work space. 

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Choose from Blue/Silver (Original), Lavender, and Rose Gold.

Please note: the pens are all the same size, the camera angle in the picture makes them appear different sizes.

User Feedback:

-"It's AMAZING! I weeded a sugar skull in about 5 mins! Only thing I will use now"
-"Best thing EVER!!!!"
-"They are excellent. Makes weeding so much easier."
-"I had received my Pin Pen a couple days ago and today was my first chance to use it...Oh my goodness, love it!!! Thank you!"
-"What better project to try my new Pin Pen on but this one????!!! My very first mandella image and I am so happy I waited to try it until i got this wonderful tool! Gonna have to order another so I will always have a spare. :) Once they are back in stock."
-"It's the only tool I use now. I had been using either my Cricut tool or one I bought from Harbor Freight and this Pin Pen tops them for sure!"
-"I used mine for the first time last night and it was great!!! I never used the one that came with my cricut - the point was to big for fine work, so I was using some dental picks that I found. Those worked ok but the handles were very uncomfortable. The pin pen has a super fine tip and is extremely comfortable in my hand!!! I was able to get all of the details in these shirts done in record time!"

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: erica cano
    I am in LOVE with this tool! So much better then the cricut wedding tool.
  • Author: Kathy Fuller
    This is a wonderful tool. Being new I was kind of at a loss when it came to weeding...nothing seemed to work well except this tool! Thank you Troy!
  • Author: Chasity McRoberts
    I really loved my pen . But i didnt even have it a month and the tip snapped off. and for that price I will not chance buying another. made me really sad and disappointed
  • Author: Jenny Smith
    Absolutely LOVE this tool, way better than anything I've come across so far. I would like to see replacement cartridges being made available.
  • Author: Deana Smith
    Love the pen!! Works wonderfully!! Take care of your tools and they take care of you! Thanks Troy!!