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This is the site soon to be formerly known as 651VINYL®

We will be changing our name soon and re-branding our company.  Stay tuned for the announcement very soon! 

You can read the complete and accurate information for this change here.


Specialty Vinyl

Siser EasyPSV specialty films - Chalkboard (Temporary Adhesive) and Glow in the Dark (Permanent Adhesive)

See the product description on each item for details, specifications, and cut settings.


Siser EasyPSV - Chalkboard (99) - 12" x 12" Sheet
Siser EasyPSV - Chalkboard (99) - 12" x 24" Sheet
Siser EasyPSV - Glow in the Dark (81) - 13.5" x 12" Sheet
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