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What is Siser EasyPSV?

What is Siser EasyPSV?

Siser EasyPSV is "Pressure Sensitive Vinyl", meaning it is an adhesive vinyl much like ORACAL, Styletech, and others on the market. Until this point Siser had been known mostly for Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) products and related products, but the new EasyPSV line of adhesive vinyl puts Siser into the adhesive vinyl craft market.  

What is different about EasyPSV? 
Siser has a unique selection of colors that vary slightly from other lines of competing products.  Other than that, it is a PVC film that is similar in composition to other competing products.  The standard gloss permanent adhesive vinyl is 3mil thick (ORACAL 651 is 2.5mil).  Glitter EasyPSV is 2mil cast film.  The appearance of EasyPSV Glitter is very similar to Stylech while colors vary slightly.  EasyPSV Rose Gold Glitter is much more pink than other Rose Gold films we've seen and offer.  

Siser makes EasyPSV in the following types that we carry at 651VINYL:

  • Gloss Permanent Adhesive (39 Colors, 3mil thickness)
  • Glitter Permanent Adhesive (18 Colors, 3mil thickness)
  • Glow in the Dark Permanent Adhesive (1 Color, 4,2mil thickness)
  • Chalkboard Temporary Adhesive (1 Color, 5mil thickness, CPSIA Certified)
  • EasyPSV Transfer Tape

Siser also makes EasyPSV we do not carry at this time at 651VINYL:

  • Matte Temporary Adhesive (27 Colors, 3mil thickness)
  • Etched Permanent Adhesive (1 Color, 3mil thickness)

Will you be adding the Matte and Etched EasyPSV? 
At this point we have no plans.  We already offer Styletech Etched vinyl and ORACAL 631.  Both of those are lower demand products compared to the others, but this all depends on demand.

How does it cut and weed?
Our internal tests show that it cuts and weeds very well.  Working with EasyPSV is comparable to other high quality adhesive vinyl on the market such as ORACAL, Styletech, and others.  

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